Cheer & Dance events throughout the UK.

Team divisions available in Cheer, Stunt Group, Pom, Traditional Pom, Hip Hop, Jazz & Contemporary/Lyrical

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please be reminded this schedule is subject to change. ICE are reviewing the situation constantly, and will restart events when it is safe to do so. All future provisional dates remain subject to government guidelines and venue availability. This schedule will be updated as appropriate.

Stunt Group executing a basket toss

2021-2022 Season Dates

*Extra Cool & ICE Championships events take place on a sprung floor all other events take place on a non-sprung floor.


Due to the current uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic our session schedule is provisional and subject to change.

Our Cheer & Dance Events are split into sessions.  Spectators need a ticket for whichever sessions/s they wish to attend.  We intend for coaches and athletes to be able to access the whole event, however, depending on government guidance nearer the time it may become necessary to reserve a spot in advance for any athletes who want to watch a session they’re not competing in.

Team Divisions

Please see the Divisions, Crossovers & Time Limits page for full details of which divisions are available at which events this season. A summary is as follows:

Note divisions may be split/combined as per the SportCheer UK Age Grid guidelines.


Crossover information is as per the SportCheer UK Age Grid. Full crossover information is available here.

At ICE, an athlete can compete in no more than 6 routines in total at each event (inclusive of cheer, dance, stunt group and solos).

Routine Time Limits

Timing will begin with the first choreographed movement or beat of music, whichever comes first.

For Level 0 Cheer, the maximum time is 2 minutes.

All other routine time limits will be as per the latest version of the SportCheer UK Age Grid, and are also listed here.

A cheer team compete a pyramid at Incredibly Cool EventsAge Grids

ICE is proud to be aligned with the SportCheer UK guidelines and framework. We are fully supportive of developing a community of teamwork and shared working within the industry. This season we will be joining other EPs to follow the SportCheer UK Age Grid.  

The Level 0 age grid for 2021-2022 season is available from the Level 0 page (please note team sizes for Level 0).

Athlete age for the entire 2021-2022 season is determined by their age as of 31ST AUGUST 2021.

Exception: For IASF International divisions, please see the IASF Division List Age Eligibility information on pages 6-7 of the SportCheer UK Age Grid.

Information may be updated to fall in line with any updated version of the SportCheer UK Age Grid.

A cheer soloist competes at Incredibly Cool EventsSolos

There will be a limited number of solo entries accepted at all ICE Extravaganza Cheer & Dance events (including Extra Cool); please see the Solos page for full details and restrictions.

Note: ICE Rink is available for solos and duos at all ICE Extravaganza events except ICE Championships; more information about ICE Rink is available here).

At ICE Championships 2022, cheer solos will be available to 2019-2020 season AND 2021-2022 cheer solo bid winners only. There are no dance solos at ICE Championships. Dance solo bid winners from the 2019-2020 season AND 2021-2022 season win bids to compete at ICE Ultimate Dance Experience Championships 2022.

Duos are not available at any ICE Extravaganza events this season, except in ICE Rink. However, dance duos are available at ICE Ultimate Dance Experience Events – we’d love to see you there!

All solos (and ICE Rinks) take place in their corresponding session (e.g., tiny/mini/youth cheer solos are in the tiny/mini/youth cheer session).

Solo scoresheets and age grid for 2021-2022 season will be available in due course. In the meantime, solo scoresheets and age grid for 2019-2020 season are available below for your reference:

Solo scoresheets for the 2019-2020 season are as follows:

Solo ages are as per the SportCheer UK Age Grid. Athletes must compete in their correct age grouping:

Cheer solos are not separated into separate levels. Cheer solos are capped at the levels stated on the SportCheer UK Age Grid.

A cheer team compete in a pyramid at Incredibly Cool EventsDeadlines & Pricing

Please see the Pricing & Deadlines page for pricing and deadlines. Note there are different pricing structures for Extra Cool and ICE Championships events.

Our £15 entry fee has been frozen for the 2021-2022 season if registration and payment is complete by 1st September 2021. Registration for 2021-2022 season is now open, you can register by clicking here.

We advise you to send in your entry for checking at least 5 working days before any deadline. Should you need any assistance with this please email

Rules & Scoring

Rules & scoring information for 2021-2022 season will be published in due course. In the meantime, rules & scoring information from 2019-2020 season is available below for your reference:

Rules, scoring systems & level appropriate skills are available on the Rules & Scoring page.

If any coaches require guidance regarding rules or scoring at ICE, please contact for assistance (at least 10 working days before whichever ICE event you’re attending).

Information about legality notifications at events is available here.

Grand Champions

Grand Champions information for 2021-2022

Grand Champions will be awarded at each event as follows, subject to there being more than one team competing in each grouping:

Cheer Grand Champions

Tiny, Mini and Youth

– Tiny 0, Tiny 1, Tiny Prep, Tiny Novice

–  Mini Novice, Mini Prep, Mini Schools, Mini 0, Mini Allstar Elite Divisions.

– Youth Novice, Youth Prep, Youth Schools, Youth 0, Youth Allstar Elite Divisions.

Junior, Senior, Open and International

– Junior Prep, Junior Schools, Junior 0, Junior Allstar Elite Divisions, U17 IASF Cheer Divisions, U17 Coed IASF Cheer Divisions.

– Senior Prep, Senior Schools, Adaptive Abilities, Senior 0, Senior Allstar Elite Divisions, Senior Coed Allstar Elite Divisions, U19 IASF Cheer Divisions, U19 Coed IASF Cheer Divisions.

– Open 0, Open Allstar Elite Divisions, Masters 0, Masters Allstar Elite Divisions, University Cheer Divisions.

– Open IASF Cheer Divisions, Global IASF Cheer Divisions, Open Non-tumbling IASF Cheer Divisions, Open Coed IASF Cheer Divisions, Global Coed IASF Cheer Divisions, Open Coed Non-tumbling IASF Cheer Divisions.

Cheer Abilities – Cheer Abilities L0, Cheer Abilities L1, Cheer Abilities L2.

Stunt Groups Grand Champions

Tiny, Mini and Youth  

– Tiny L0, Tiny L1.

– Mini L0, Mini L1, Mini L2.

– Youth 0, Youth 1, Youth 2, Youth 3, Youth 4, Youth 5.

Junior, Senior, Open and Partner Stunt

– Junior 0, Junior1, Junior 2, Junior 3, Junior 4, Junior 5, Junior 6.

– Senior 0, Senior 1, senior 2, Senior 3, Senior4, Senior 5, Senior 6, Senior Coed 3, Senior Coed 4, senior Coed , Senior Coed 6.

– University / Open 0, University / Open 1, University / Open 2, University / Open 3, University / Open 4, University / Open 5, University / Open 6, University / Open 7, Coed University / Open 3, Coed University / Open 4, Coed University / Open 5, Coed University / Open 6, Coed University / Open 7.

– Junior Partner Stunt L6, Senior Partner Stunt L6, Open / Uni partner Stunt L6, Open / Uni Partner stunt L7.

Dance Grand Champions

Tiny, Mini and Youth

– All Tiny Dance Categories

– All Mini Dance Categories

– All Youth Dance Categories

Junior, Senior and Open

– All Junior Dance Categories

– All Senior Dance Categories

– All Open Dance Categories, Adaptive Abilities Dance Categories, University Dance Categories, Masters Dance Categories.

Cheer Abilities – All Cheer Abilities Dance Categories

Where scoresheets are out of different totals, scores will be pro-rated to compare them for Grand Champions.

Note: Grand Champion is not awarded to solos or duos, or where there was only one eligible team.