Please continue to monitor ICE social media for updates regarding cancellations or the rescheduling of postponed events due to COVID-19.

Divisions available in Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical, Hip Hop, Acro, Traditional Pom, Pom, Musical Theatre and BRAND NEW OPEN division.

Join us throughout the UK!

Compete in teams, solos or duos.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please be reminded this schedule is subject to change. ICE are reviewing the situation constantly, and will restart events when it is safe to do so. All future provisional dates remain subject to government guidelines and venue availability. This schedule will be updated as appropriate.

A dance team wearing pink compete on a dance floor at an ICE competitionDates






Regular ICE Ultimate Dance Experience Events will not be split into ‘sessions’. All tickets will be valid for the whole day. ICE Ultimate Dance Experience 2021 may have sessions (TBC).


Dance categories available this season are Teams, Novice Teams, Solos & Duos in:

  • Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Contemporary
  • Acro
  • Hip Hop
  • Pom

Dance Abilities (SEN) divisions are also available (all ages, and team size is unlimited). Adaptive Abilities divisions are also available. We may be able to offer exhibition slots for trios, subject to availability.

Not sure whether to enter Contemporary or Lyrical? Check out our descriptions of the different styles available at ICE Ultimate Dance Experience events.

Coaches must determine on entry to the competition whether to place a team in the novice division or enter the standard division. Novice is available for teams only (novice solos/duos are not available).

Guidance on entering Novice

At ICE Ultimate Dance Experience Events, all team divisions are offered in standard and in novice (so, for example, we offer Youth Acro and Youth Novice Acro).  Novice is not available for solos/duos.

Our novice category is designed to create a level playing field and allow newly established teams or coaches with no or limited competitive experience the chance to experience competitive dance.  Please see read our guidance on whether to select a novice division or standard division for your teams.

Any coaches who are unsure which category to select should contact scoring@incrediblycoolevents.co.uk for further help at least 4 weeks in advance of the event.

If you are entering a team into the standard division and wish to enter a novice team also in the same dance discipline, no more than 50% of dancers in a novice team can crossover into a standard team of the same dance style.

Team Sizes

Minimum team size is 4 dancers. Maximum team size is at the discretion of the coach; please consider the floor size and dancers’ safety.


The floor is a non-sprung black vinyl dance floor, 12m wide and 12.5m front to back.

Split/Merge Guidelines

Standard divisions may be split/combined as per page 13 of the SportCheer UK Age Grid guidelines. Novice divisions will not be split/combined.


  • A dancer can compete no more than 6 routines in total (inclusive of solos/duos) at any one event.
  • A dancer cannot compete on more than one team within the same division (e.g., they cannot compete more than once in Junior Small Pom).
  • A dancer may compete on both small AND large team sizes (e.g., they can compete in Junior Small Pom and Junior Large Pom).
  • A novice team must consist of at least 50% participants who are not crossing over into a standard team of the same dance style.

Routine Time Limits

Time limit at ICE Ultimate Dance Experience events is 2:15 for teams and 1:15 for solo/duos.

Timing will begin with the first choreographed movement or beat of music, whichever comes first.

Age Grids

We follow the SportCheer UK Age Grid.  Dancer age is determined by their age as of 31st August 2020. Dancer age for events taking place after August 2021 may be subject to the 2021-2022 age grid and announced nearer the time.

Ages & Sizes for Dance Teams

The 2020-2021 Ultimate Dance Experience Age Grid will be available shortly. In the meantime, the 2019-2020 Ultimate Dance Experience Age Grid is available below for your reference:

Ages, divisions and sizes for dance teams at ICE Ultimate Dance Experience events

A novice team must consist of at least 50% participants who are not crossing over into a standard team of the same dance style.

For solo/duo age groupings, which are slightly different, please see below.

Dance Solos/Duos

At Ultimate Dance Experience events, solos/duos are available in Jazz, Pom, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary & Acro (there’s no separate novice category for solos/duos). There’s more information on the Solos & Duos page.

Dancer age is determined by their age as of 31st August 2020. The 2020-2021 Ultimate Dance Experience Solo Age Grid will be available shortly. In the meantime, the 2019-2020 Ultimate Dance Experience Solo Age Grid is available below for your reference:

Ages for dance solos and duos at ICE Ultimate Dance Experience events

Dancers must be entered into their relevant age division. At ICE Ultimate Dance Experience events, coaches are welcome to enter soloist/s without entering teams. Please note ICE do not currently accept independent entries.

Each programme/school is permitted to enter up to 5 solos/duos per dance style (in the same age grouping or in different age groupings). Only a limited number of solo/duo slots are available at each event. Solos/duos are always subject to availability, including at Championship events. Registration for solos/duos may close early, before any deadline, at any time, including for Championship events.

The 2020-2021 Ultimate Dance Experience solo/duo scoresheets and rules will be available in due course. In the meantime, the 2019-2020 Ultimate Dance Experience solo/duo scoresheets and rules are available below for your reference:

The highest scoring soloist from tiny/mini/youth and junior/senior/open in each dance style at each event will be invited to compete at the ICE Ultimate Dance Experience Championships for an ICE Royalty title. Coaches wishing to enter bid-winning soloists in the ICE Ultimate Dance Experience Championships will need to register them as normal. Registration is not automatic, and is subject to availability. Pricing is available here.

Due to the cancellation of the Ultimate Dance Championships 2020: Dance solo bid winners from the 2019-2020 season will have their bid transferred to the ICE Ultimate Dance Experience Championships 2021. If any soloist won their bid in youth but has a junior soloist season age for 2020-2021 season, they will be transferred to the junior/senior/open grouping. Bids are not transferable between athletes/programmes.

Deadlines & Pricing

Prices have been frozen for the 2020-2021 season:

Due to the current uncertainty regarding when indoor sports and events can re-start, we will be publishing next season’s pricing deadlines at a later date.

Registration for the 2020-2021 season is not yet open.

For your reference, registration information from the 2019-2020 season is available as follows:

Once you’ve emailed us your registration form, you’ll need to get ready to make a payment. Registration forms are accepted in Excel format only (not pdf, numbers, odo, or any other file type) so if you don’t have Excel just contact us in advance and we’ll provide an online version of the registration form specific to you.

We’ll need to receive a correct and legal registration form by midnight on any deadline for you to receive the applicable pricing for the contents of your form, so please plan accordingly. Any extra items added after a deadline are subject to the current pricing. To avoid disappointment, please remember to include your spectator ticket order on your registration form, as tickets are always subject to availability (and we may not accept entries submitted without a spectator order if we believe the event may sell out).

ICE will then email you an invoice, which will state your payment terms. To receive the pricing stated on the invoice, please ensure payment is made by the date stated on the invoice, otherwise the next price bracket may be applied. Please do not send any payment before receiving an invoice; sending payment without an invoice does not secure any order.

We advise you to send in your entry for checking at least 5 working days before any deadline, as any incorrect entry forms will be your responsibility. Should you need any assistance with this please email entry@incrediblycoolevents.co.uk

Rules & Scoring

Rules & scoresheets for the 2020-2021 season will be published here in due course. For your reference, rules & scoresheets from the 2019-2020 season are available on the Rules & Scoring page.

If any coaches require guidance regarding rules or scoring at ICE, please contact scoring@incrediblycoolevents.co.uk for assistance (at least 10 working days before whichever ICE event you’re attending).

Grand Champions

Grand Champions will be awarded at each event as follows, subject to there being more than one team competing in each grouping:

  • Grand Champion will be awarded to the highest scoring (standard/regular) Tiny/Mini/Youth team and to the highest scoring (standard/regular) Junior/Senior/Open/Masters team in each dance style.

Note: Grand Champion is not awarded to solos, duos, Novice teams, divisions which are not scored, or where there was only one eligible team.