At ICE Ultimate Dance Experience Events, all team divisions are offered in standard and in novice (so, for example, we offer Youth Acro and Youth Novice Acro).  Please be sure to select the appropriately labelled division on your registration form.

There is no separate novice category for solos/duos (only for teams).

Our novice category is designed to create a level playing field and allow newly established teams or coaches with no or limited competitive experience the chance to experience competitive dance.  We trust that coaches will make the right decision about where their team is best placed.  If we feel that coaches are not making fair choices we will review the process. To help coaches select the appropriate category for their team/s, guidance is as follows:

Novice may be most suitable for:

  • Newly established teams
  • Teams coached by newly qualified dance teachers/coaches, or coaches who are new to competitions
  • Teams entering their first, second or third competition (just as a rough guide)
  • Teams where most dancers have minimal competitive experience
  • Teams who are new to the selected dance style

Standard divisions may be most suitable for:

  • More experienced teams
  • Teams coached by experienced dance teachers/coaches
  • Teams who have entered a few competitions before
  • Teams where most dancers have some competitive experience
  • Teams which include some experienced dancers and/or dance coaches

These are not hard and fast rules, these are just pointers and examples to help guide coaches to select the best-fitting category.  Any coaches who are unsure which category to select should contact for further help at least 4 weeks in advance of the event.

Please ensure that if you are entering a team into the standard division and wish to enter a novice team also in the same dance discipline, no more than 50% of dancers in a novice team can crossover into a standard team of the same dance style.