Please continue to monitor ICE social media for updates regarding cancellations or the rescheduling of postponed events due to COVID-19.

Please note:

  • Prices have been frozen for the 2020-2021 season.
  • Due to the current uncertainty regarding when indoor sports and events can re-start, we will be publishing pricing deadlines at a later date.
  • Events may sell out before or after any deadline.
  • To avoid disappointment, coaches may wish to secure their entry well in advance of any published pricing deadline.
  • Once registration opens, coaches with credit will receive priority booking.
  • Tickets are not for sale directly to the public, pricing below is for ICE clients (coaches).

ICE Extravaganza (non-sprung floor), ICE Extravaganza Extra Cool (sprung floor) & ICE Championships (sprung floor) 2020-2021 prices are as follows.


  • Spectators need a ticket for whichever session/s they wish to attend.  (There are no ‘weekend’ or ‘event’ spectator passes for ICE Extravaganza events; spectator tickets are sold per session).  Coaches and athletes can access the whole event. Spectators aged 3 & under are free of charge and do not need a ticket.
  • At ICE Extravaganza Cheer & Dance events, coaches wishing to enter any soloist/s must also enter at least one team (excluding stunt group). At ICE Ultimate Dance Experience events, coaches are welcome to enter soloist/s without entering teams.
  • Too Cool for School pricing is available on the Too Cool for School page.
ICE Ultimate Dance Experience & ICE  Ultimate Dance Experience Championships 2020-2021 pricing structure is as follows:

ICE Ultimate Dance Experience 2021 may have sessions (TBC).

Programmes receive free coaches passes as follows;

  • 1-15 athletes = 1 free coach pass
  • 16-30 athletes = 2 free coach passes
  • 31-45 athletes = 3 free coach passes
  • 46-60 athletes – 4 free coach passes

And so on. Additional coach passes can be purchased on the registration form for £15 each (subject to availability).