Scoring System & Level Appropriate Skills

ICE will also consider the following skills to be level appropriate, in addition to the skills already details in the level appropriate skills lists above: Incredibly Cool Events Additional Level Appropriate Skills

Note: all of the above documents are subject to change, if further updates are released.


At ICE Extravaganza Cheer & Dance events, divisions are available in pom, jazz, hip hop and lyrical/contemporary.

Scoring System

Note: all of the above documents are subject to change, if further updates are released.

Looking for the Schools & University Scoring System? Check out the Too Cool for School page.

Legality Guidance

If you are seeking guidance and are entering an ICE event this season, you can email at least 10 working days in advance of the competition (or at least 10 working days before the date you require a response, as we receive a lot of queries at peak times). For more information please see the Legality Guidance page. Please note any response you are given is relevant only to ICE events.  Also, it is important to note that performance errors on the competition floor may make skills illegal.

Legality Notifications at ICE Extravaganza Cheer & Dance Events

At each ICE Extravaganza event, we will notify coaches of any legality deductions that have been issued to your team, before the awards ceremony. Additionally, for cheer teams only, we will also issue ranges. Full details are available on the Legality Notifications page.

Please note: the ICE scoring team will not change any legalities or deductions or scores after each session. We will only discuss this on the day of the event. All decisions by judges, penalty and legality judges are final.


Scoresheets will be added together for a total score. Any deductions or infractions will be subtracted from the total score to give the final score. The final score will be used for team placement (please see the SportCheer UK Age Grid for information about Tiny Novice).