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NEW FOR 2019-2020 SEASON

“Too Cool For School”

A Cheer & Dance event just for School & University teams!

Join us in Stoke-on-Trent on Friday 27th March 2020.

Cheer athletes from a school team compete stunts at an ICE competition

Too Cool For School – ICE Schools & University Event (Cheer & Dance)

Friday 27th March 2020 (afternoon)

Fenton Manor, Stoke, West Midlands, ST4 2RR

Divisions & Age Groupings

Divisions & Age Groupings for Too Cool For School: Too Cool for School Divisions and Ages 2020

Age groupings will be as per the SportCheer UK Age Grid. Athlete age for this event is determined by their age as of 31ST AUGUST 2019.

Division split/combine guidelines are as per the SportCheer UK Age Grid.

The ICE Rink tournament is not available at Too Cool for School.

Routine Time Limits

  • University Cheer/School Cheer –Maximum 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • University Non Tumbling –Maximum 2 minutes
  • Dance – Maximum 2 minutes 15 seconds
  • Stunt Groups & Solos – Maximum 1 minute 15 seconds


Too Cool for School pricing and deadlines


This event will not be split into sessions. All tickets will be valid for the whole day.

Rules & Scoring

Scoring System & Level Appropriate Skills

Please see the divisions list above for available divisions.

Note: all of the above documents are subject to change, if further updates are released.

Please contact scoring@incrediblycoolevents.co.uk for any rules or scoring guidance.


An athlete cannot crossover onto more than 2 cheer teams (a maximum of 3 cheer teams total) at this event. An athlete can compete in no more than 6 routines in total at this event (including dance, etc.)

Athlete Eligibility

Athlete eligibility is as per the SportCheer UK Age Grid as follows:

  • For School Teams – All team members must be current students at the named school.
  • For University Teams – All members are at least 17 years old (on August 31st 2019) and 90% of the team are current students at the named University. 10% of the team can be past students/alumni, if they have graduated from the named University within the past 4 years. Proof of University eligibility required –including University Student ID and/or proof of graduation at the named University within 4 year period up to the event date. It is the responsibility of the University team to ensure that all participants are covered under the provisions of their own University rules and insurance.
  • For University Stunt Groups – All members are 17 years old (on August 31st 2019) or older and are current students at the named university. Exception: 1 athlete per stunt group can be a past student/alumnus, if they have graduated from the named university within the past 4 years


Each programme is permitted to enter up to 5 solos per style (cheer, pom, hip hop, jazz, lyrical/contemporary). These can be all in the same age grouping or in different age groupings. Athletes must be entered into their relevant age division.

There will be a bid awarded via coaches to the highest scoring soloist from tiny/mini/youth and from junior/senior/open, in each style, to compete for an ICE Royalty title at the ICE Championships (for cheer) or the ICE Ultimate Dance Experience Championships (for dance). Please note ICE do not currently accept independent soloist entries, so soloists may not be able to accept their bids unless their school/university is attending. There is more information on the Solos page.

Solos are subject to availability; registration for solos may close early, before any deadline, at any time. Duos and ICE Rink are not available at Too Cool for School.


Too Cool for School will take place on a sprung floor. Cheer divisions are on a full size 9-panel cheer floor. Dance divisions are on a black vinyl dance floor, 12m wide and 12.5m front to back.

Registration Form

Coaches please complete the registration form: Too Cool for School 2020 Registration Form

The download contains a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, the form will not work correctly for you – please contact entry@incrediblycoolevents.co.uk to request a compatible form.

Please email your completed form to entry@incrediblycoolevents.co.uk who will process it for you (subject to the event still having availability). Please email an Excel file; we cannot process PDF, odo, numbers, or any other format. By emailing your entry form, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions.

Please include your spectator order along with your registration. We can also add spectator tickets later at the appropriate price point, while stocks last.

Please note – we’ll need to receive a correct and legal registration form by midnight on any deadline for you to be invoiced at the applicable pricing for the contents of your form, so please plan accordingly. Any extra items added after a deadline are subject to the current pricing.


Please wait for an invoice before making any payment. Subject to the event still having availability, ICE will invoice you by email following receipt of your correctly completed and legal registration form. Your invoice will be sent to the email address provided on the registration form (please monitor your junk mail folder as well as your inbox, and we’d recommend marking ICE as safe senders if your email provider offers that facility).

Your invoice will state your payment terms. We understand that universities and schools may have finance processes which mean payments can take longer; if this is the case, please contact accounts@incrediblycoolevents.co.uk in advance to ensure that automatic price increases do not occur. Please note the T&Cs for further information.

Grand Champions

Grand Champions will be awarded as follows, subject to there being more than one team competing in each grouping:

  • Cheer – Grand Champion will be awarded for Primary Schools (Mini/Youth), Senior Schools (Junior/Senior) and Universities, across all levels.
  • Dance – Grand Champion will be awarded for Primary Schools (Mini/Youth), Senior Schools (Junior/Senior) and Universities across ALL dance styles (not per dance style).
  • Stunt Group – Grand Champion will be awarded for Primary Schools (Mini/Youth), Senior Schools (Junior/Senior) and Universities across all levels.

Where scoresheets are out of different totals, scores will be pro-rated to compare them for Grand Champions.

Note: Grand Champion is not awarded to solos, divisions which are not scored (such as Cheer/Dance Abilities), or where there was only one eligible team.