Incredibly Cool Events LTD - Terms & Conditions

Edition 4:  July 2021


Incredibly Cool Events (ICE) is a cheerleading and dance event provider. We deliver inclusive and accessible cheer and dance competitions across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Our events are lively and inspiring to young and up-and-coming athletes, attracting teams at all levels.

Whether you choose ICE because we provide competition starting from our own brand (Level 0), and want to introduce inexperienced athletes to gain confidence and experience, or whether you use ICE as a platform to showcase and perfect your high-level routines, we can assure you of an organised and friendly setting with professional and experienced judging panels.

ICE is non-elitist competition provider, with entry fees to suit, with prices aimed at a level which is attractive both to grassroots teams through to high level athletes.

The following pages set out the Standard Terms and Conditions which govern the relationship between the Company and all event participants.  All participants are required to familiarise themselves with and abide by the paragraphs set out below.

By entering an ICE event you agree, on behalf of your Club/Programme, to the terms and conditions of participation set out in this document and to confirm that you have passed on and explained all details contained in this document to all coaches, athletes, and supporters that you are bringing to our events.

Thank you for your support in helping us to maximise your enjoyment and keep our events a fun-filled, family-orientated good experience that will be inspiring and motivational to all young athletes and their supporters. You are all Incredibly Cool.

We would encourage all coaches to join our ICE Coach Information Group on Facebook. It’s a good way of communicating with other coaches and invaluable for sharing information and good practise among our ICE family. It’s great for sharing cheer stories and experiences, and acts as a good sounding board for ideas and frustrations allowing other coaches to share their experiences and advice. It’s also great for asking our ICE team for information about events, etc.

If you have any further queries you are welcome to contact us via email at We will be happy to assist you. Or you can ask your question via our ‘Contact’ page.

  1. Pricing Policy

ICE offers price breaks at three levels of registration:

Super Early Registration

Early-Bird Registration

On-Time Registration

Events/sessions may sell out before any deadline, in which case entries will close earlier than the registration date.

We’ll need to receive a correct and legal registration form by midnight on any deadline for you to be invoiced at the applicable pricing for the contents of the form. Any extra items added later are subject to the current pricing, and subject to availability.

Subject to the session/event still having availability, ICE will invoice you by email following receipt of your correct and legal registration form. Invoices will state payment terms. To receive the pricing stated on the invoice, payment must be received by the date stated on the invoice, otherwise the next price bracket may be applied.

Deadlines for each competition date are noted on the website.

For spectator tickets which are purchased by coaches on the door (which is always subject to availability), ‘on the door’ pricing applies.

  1. Spectator Tickets

Spectator tickets can only be purchased by team coaches.

Please include your spectator order along with your registration, especially for tiny/mini/youth sessions. We can also add spectator tickets later at the appropriate price point, while stocks last. However, that is subject to availability and sometimes sessions do sell out, even before the early bird deadline. To avoid disappointment, please order your spectator tickets when you register. For busy sessions, we may not accept tiny/mini/youth registrations received without spectators.

Pre-orders close two weeks before each event. After that time, any remaining spectator tickets will be available for coaches to purchase on the door, while stocks last, at the ‘on the door’ price.

If the event is sold out, any coaches wishing to purchase additional spectator tickets will be placed on a waiting list. If and when additional spectator tickets become available, coaches on the waiting list will be offered these tickets in order of the list.

Prices for any additional spectator tickets will be charged at the rate of the current price bracket according to the date ordered.

Coaches will then have 48 hours to pay for the reserved tickets. If payment is not received within 48 hours the tickets will be reallocated to the waiting list.

There will be no refunds or amendments on spectator tickets once ordered and invoiced and paid for.

  1. Payment Terms

“Super Early” “Early” and “On-Time” registrations are only met if online registration is submitted and payment is made by the designated dates. If an entry is found to include any illegalities, these will have to be corrected even if payment has already been made.

Spectator tickets may be purchased through the coach as a pre-order. Tickets are non-refundable.

Registrations are not confirmed until payment is made in full.

  1. Refunds and Amendment

In the event a team or routine withdraws after submitting entry, the following protocol applies regarding refunds and changes:

Teams withdrawing from the event PRIOR to the “Early” registration deadline: Eligible for 75% refund or the option to transfer 100% of the funds to another ICE event in the current season.

Teams withdrawing from the event PRIOR to the “On-Time” registration deadline: Eligible for 50% refund or the option to transfer 100% of the funds to another available ICE event in the current season. Balances cannot be carried into the next season.

No refunds will be issued once the “On-Time” deadline has passed. No exceptions. Outstanding balances (if any) still apply and withdraw from an event does not void your invoice liability. Penalties will apply for overdue payments, even if you opt not to attend.

No refunds or transfers for individual members who withdraw. Athlete substitutions in the event of injury or illness are free but must be declared in writing via email to before the event.  Substitutions must be made within the rules of the division entered, for example, the substitute must be of the correct age for the division.  It is not always possible for the running order to be amended at late notice as the result of making a substitution.

Spectator tickets are non-refundable upon purchase but are transferable to others attending the same event. Please plan accordingly. Tickets must not be sold or passed on to strangers as all buyers must be part of a programme for dance school for safeguarding purposes.

Requests for refunds or transfers of fees, per policy above, must be in writing and received by ICE by the deadline to The timestamp of the email is the method of measurement. Refunds are processed 2-4 business weeks after the events.

Hotel reservations, coach reservations, and any other travel related commitments are team responsibility and are not related to ICE. They are non-refundable and non-transferable through ICE, and the hotel/coach/airline/train, etc. policies will apply if you change your plans.

  1. Delivery Information

Coaches who have opted and paid to have wristbands delivered will receive their wristbands prior the event. The wristbands are sent out via Royal Mail and you will receive a tracking number via email. Any forgotten or misplaced wristbands must repurchased so please be mindful to this as no exceptions will be made.

Tickets will be sent via Royal Mail to your address on file, with tracking for your convenience. They arrive to you about 5-10 days prior to the event.

  1. Payment Methods

You will be issued with a VAT invoice via the RegChamp registration system. Payment is to be made via the Regchamp system at the time of submitting entry.

If you have any queries regarding your invoice please email where a member of our team will be on hand to help you.

Upon receipt of your entry form and payment, you will be added to the running order and receive updates throughout the days leading up to the competition on Facebook and via email.

If you are a university or school, or your funding method may take longer for approval, please email upon registration, to let us know in advance so we can discuss and help you avoid the automatic fees with advanced approval.

If you have any questions about your invoice, please email us immediately to avoid delay and we will be happy to assist you.

  1. Revisions to Original Entries

Any changes you wish to make, including withdrawal from the competition, must be emailed to Any changes requested later than 4 weeks before an event may not be accepted.  Any additions requested later than the on-time deadline (or earlier, if the event is sold out) may not be accepted.

  1. Event Cancellations, Delays or Alterations

Due to any circumstances that affect an event which are beyond our control, primarily we will take every action possible to retain the event date, our second action will be to reschedule the event. Upon exhausting all efforts to fulfil our obligation to deliver the event, the event would be cancelled. If the event is cancelled, Incredibly Cool Events (ICE) will reimburse entry and tickets fees. ICE will not take responsibility for any loss of hotel, travel or any other event-related expenses.

Incredibly Cool Events will not be liable (therefore no refunds will be given with no exceptions) for the delay in delivering or for failure to deliver its obligations if the delay or failure results from any of the following:

Acts of God;

Outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism;

The act of any government or authority (including refusal or revocation of any license or consent);

Fire, explosion, flood, fog or severe weather;

Power failure, failure of telecommunications lines, failure or breakdown of plant, machinery or vehicles;

Default of suppliers or sub-contractors;

Theft, malicious damage, strike, lock-out or industrial action of any kind;

Pandemic including COVID19

Any cause or circumstance whatsoever beyond either party’s reasonable control

  1. Running Order Adjustments

Every effort is made to create a running order based on order of registration and athlete crossovers. Sometimes this is not possible due to various logistical reasons such as limited numbers of teams and the number of athlete crossovers, but we do make significant effort to adhere to this process.

Performance order remains at the sole discretion of ICE. Due to continued growth, we can no longer accept requests for shifts in performance orders due to individual needs including travel issues, traffic, coach arrival/departure times, individual plans, etc.  Coaches with genuine specific requests should contact immediately upon submitting their entry, whereby ICE will endeavour to accommodate reasonable requirements where possible.

If you have a request to move your teams around on the running order before the event please contact within 3 business days of the running order being issued. We cannot promise that your amendment can be made.

  1. Safety Rules

Incredibly Cool Events adheres to IASF Safety Rules at Cheer & Dance events. This includes stunt group, cheerleading, and dance divisions. Separate rules are available on the website for Ultimate Dance Experience events.

Athletes can be put at risk by poor teaching and coaching practice. All teachers should have recognised qualifications and/or appropriate levels of training for the roles they undertake. ICE accepts no responsibility or liability for accidents or injury which occur during the event.  This will be covered by coach/programme insurance arrangements.

  1. Legality Questions

Legality queries are due at least 14 days prior to the competition in which you intend to compete (or at least 14 days prior to the date you wish to receive an answer by). They must be submitted to the company through and will not be accepted via any other form of message.

Rulings are based on the skill as performed in the video, using IASF guidelines and glossary. Any changes in execution later may result in a different ruling on the day.

  1. Athlete/Dancer Eligibility

All participants must enter divisions in which they are eligible by specified age requirements. Proof of age for each participant must be available upon request at the competitions at which a participant performs.  This can be in electronic or hard copy form.

The penalty for an eligibility violation and/or failure to provide proof of age for a competitor on the day of an event may be disqualification but will be up to the Competition Manager.

  1. Eligibility Challenges

If a team wishes to challenge eligibility of another team on the day of an event, the following protocol shall apply:

The claim must be made directly to the Competition Manager.

The team asking for the review will pay a £150 cash only deposit for the review to take place.

The team in question will be approached by the competition manager and must show legal proof of age for the athlete/dancer(s) in question.

If the team in question is deemed to be in compliance with age requirements, they will be given the full £150 deposit for their time and trouble. If the team in question is deemed to have illegal members on the roster, the team making the claim will receive their £150 deposit back in full and the event producer may choose to disqualify or issue significant penalties to the offending team.

Eligibility challenge requests are limited to ONE challenge per team per competition season and must address a specific team. ICE will not review multiple teams within a company or “general claims”. Specific concerns must be cited for reviews to be granted.

Decisions regarding eligibility challenges are to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are at the sole discretion of the Competition Manager. All decisions are final.

  1. Routine Length

All Team routines (dance and cheerleading) are limited to a maximum time, as specified on the website (maximum time depends on the specific division entered). Penalties apply for over-time routines.

All stunt group routines, and “spotlight” solos/duos (where available) are limited to 1 minute 15 seconds (1:15) maximum. Penalties apply for over-time routines.

ICE will not enforce a minimum timeframe, although it should be noted that it will be very difficult to cover scoresheet criteria if the routine is too short. The determination of that time frame is left to coaches to determine, regardless of any minimums that IASF may place on minimum times.

  1. Music Protocol

All contestants who use music must provide their own device for use on the event-provided sound system. Please bring your music on a CD or on a device which connects via an aux lead. We recommend having each team’s music saved on at least two devices, such as a phone, laptop or tablet.

Music must be recorded at the correct tempo on a good quality device. A sound system will be provided at the event venue. Speed control is not available.

One (1) representative of your group/individual will be responsible for running the music during the competition. This representative MUST know how to use the device on which the music is stored without assistance.

No food or drink is permitted near the sound desk area.

The music representative for all teams MUST remain at the sound area throughout the entire performance. This person will be asked to hold onto their own music until the time of performance and to take music back following the performance. In the event a routine is delayed due to operator error, timing of your routine will continue. No unnecessary team members, parents, etc., are allowed at the music table.

Should the coach stop the music, the team will not be permitted to perform again.

  1. Routine interruption due to music failure

Delay of competition due to music representatives being unprepared is not allowed.

In the event that a routine fails to start on the appointed time for any reason (i.e.- representative cannot find the track or brings the wrong track to the music desk), they will have the option to resolve it within 30 seconds or perform immediately to count out loud, or withdraw from the competition.

If a routine is interrupted due to music interruption for any reason after 2 (two) 8-counts, the routine will not be eligible for a re-performance unless the cause can be determined to be ICE equipment failure.  IF PLAYING MUSIC ON IPODS OR PHONE, PUT PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODE, TURN OFF ALL ALARMS, AND DO NOT HOLD THE DEVICE IN HAND WHILE IT PLAYS. This will prevent the vast majority of music failures mid-routine.

Final decisions relating to routine interruption are at the discretion of the Competition Manager. All decisions are final. PLEASE NOTE: routine interruptions due to Injury are treated differently than musical interruptions.

Routine stops may only take place for injury in which an athlete cannot safely continue. See criteria below for specifics on the parameters for routine interruption.

Any routine interrupted for reasons not related to actual injury may not be eligible to re-perform at the sole discretion of the Competition Manager, Arena Director, or Head Judge.

The only individuals that may stop a routine for injury are:

Competition Manager/Director

Gym Owner/Coach from the team performing

Injured Individual

IASF Certified Safety Judge

An injured athlete may create a potential safety hazard because of the inability to hold, support, spot or catch. For the safety of all athletes competing, a routine may be interrupted if:

An athlete is clearly injured.

An athlete is questionably injured and does not resume their role in the routine within 5 seconds of questionable injury.

An athlete leaves the competition floor due to an injury.

Bio spill (vomit, blood)

In the event that a routine is interrupted due to injury, it will be at the Competition Officials’ discretion whether that team will be allowed to perform again at a later time.

  1. Athlete Returning to Competition

Decisions on whether an athlete can return to the performance floor after a routine interruption will be made immediately after the routine stop (within five minutes). In most cases, the athlete will not be able to return to the floor, including cases where the criteria for stopping a routine does not fall within the parameters of athlete injury. Other criteria apply. See below.

In the event of any of the following injuries during performance, the participant may not return to the competition for the remainder of the day, including any additionally planned routines:

A suspected or confirmed head, neck, or back injury.

Partial or complete loss of consciousness (fainting, near-fainting, visible disorientation).

Fit (seizure) or any reason.

Suspected or confirmed broken bone or severe sprain.

Severe illness (i.e.- vomit, disorientation, collapse, etc.)

Any other injury that can worsen or create safety hazard for others if they perform again.

Any pre-existing injury in which the athlete, coach, medical team, competition director, or safety official deems significant enough to prevent further performance.

Any injury in which there is not proper time to determine the actual cause or nature of the injury within the five-minute evaluation period before the team goes back to perform again.

If the above criteria do not apply, OR if the injury occurred during warm-up as opposed to performance, an injured athlete MAY be eligible to be considered for returning to the floor within certain parameters listed here. An injured participant may not return to the competition floor unless the competition officials receive clearance from all the representatives listed below:

Event Medical Personnel attending to that participant

Parent/Guardian (if present)

Head Coach/Gym Owner of competing team

Competition Manager, Arena Director, and/or Head Judge

  1. Team Re-Performance

In the event that a team can perform again following a routine interruption, the new performance time will be set immediately and is determined at the sole discretion of the Competition Director.

Re-schedules will be done as swiftly as possible and will not have a full cycle to re-warm up. The team must (pending the injury’s impact on the routine) perform the routine again in its entirety, but judging will resume from the point at which the injury/interruption occurred as determined by the judges.

All skills must be performed full-out from the beginning of the routine. All point deductions accumulated to that point (if any) will carry over.

If a team is permitted to perform again but fails to perform the routine in its entirety (example: throwing back tucks instead of the full twist thrown in the original performance), it is at the discretion of the Competition Official how that team’s scores will be affected.

  1. Unplanned Athlete Replacement

In the event of a missing/absent member of a team a gym/programme may replace that athlete with another performer from that gym/programme. A replacement is defined as an individual who was not on the original team taking the place of another athlete at an event. This usually occurs as a result of illness/injury.

If the replacement athlete does not meet the age and crossover requirements for that particular division (this includes a coach), then the team is permitted to perform as show only (no judging). Performing competitively for a team with a replacement member who does not meet division age or crossover requirements is not permitted.

All appropriate general safety rules and level rules must be followed for the team regardless of the age of performers on the team.

An unplanned replacement of an athlete(s) is limited to 3 performers maximum. Any number that exceeds 3 will result in the team performing as show.

  1. Privacy and Data protection

Please follow this link to view our privacy and data protection policy:

  1. Competition Rules

All rules and scoring information can be found on our website. ICE follows IASF compliances. Please go to the website to check on new rules, routine times, and this season’s rulings on entries.

We also can provide clear and concise explanations or clarification to any coaches that are experiencing difficulty in understanding, or clarity to any individual enquiry regarding these rules and scoring sheets by emailing One of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We trust that all coaches will be vigilant and honest in checking athletes’ ID and making sure they are entered into the correct categories and age groups.

It’s important that all coaches are aware of skill level and age restriction requirements for our events and the scoring sheet format will enable you to maximise your teams’ placing potential and avoid disappointment and deductions on the day. Again, these can be found on our website.

At ICE we have professional, experienced and well-regarded judging panels all carrying specialised judging skills to provide the very best and fairest all-round appraisal of performances. We also provide a playback station where coaches and athletes can review their own performance and have the opportunity to critique their own routine and execution of skills.

We insist that all members of your teams, their supporters and coaches treat our judges with respect and courtesy and assure you that the same courtesy will be extended and returned to yourselves.

Failure to comply with this could result in disqualification or removal from the event.

  1. Photography / Video

No photography/videoing is permitted in the competition hall or anywhere else in the venue except for mobile phones and tablets which may be permitted in certain circumstances.  Photography/videoing of any team other than your own is not permitted.  Any person seen to be photographing or videoing must be prepared to show any footage to event staff upon request.  You may be asked to leave if this rule is ignored.

By attending any of our events, you are aware and give full permission to have your photo taken at any point by ourselves or any third party companies we arrange to attend.

You agree that both ourselves and the third party can display, sell, and print any photo they take in any way. You agree that these images can be used for promotional materials of any kind. You agree that these photos can and will be displayed either on our own or a third party’s computer systems and website for display, promotion, sale and for any other reason.

  1. Behaviour and Principles

Sportsmanship is a very important aspect for everyone involved at an event, including athletes, coaches, parents, and supporters.  It has a direct impact on the overall competition experience of everyone in attendance as well as the overall public impression of our industry. Therefore, Incredibly Cool Events adheres to Sportsmanship Guidelines that all athletes, coaches, parents, and supporters must comply with.

Failure to comply with any of the details listed in this document could result in disqualification with no refund and/or removal from the venue with no refund.

The coach for each squad is ultimately responsible for their squad members, coaches, parents and other persons affiliated with the team to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.

All attendees at ICE events are expected to fully cooperate with venue staff, security teams, medical teams, and event crew at all times.

All participants and coaching staff members must refrain from using inappropriate language or gestures.

Participating teams must refrain from using music that contains inappropriate language.

Participating teams must refrain from handing out promotional material or recruiting athletes or coaches in any fashion (verbally, in writing, etc.,) at any ICE event.

Participants must refrain from public negative discussion about individuals or teams.

It is HIGHLY recommended that coaches regularly train athletes, coaching staff, and parents about social media policy and expectations for the gym / school / team. Social media is permanent even after it is deleted. ICE will not monitor this directly during events but WILL expect that participating teams and their supporters conduct themselves online with positive social media interaction only.

In accepting these terms and conditions, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to adhere to them.

  1. Health & Safety During Events

The Company has a legal duty to protect the health and safety of its employees, competitors and the public during events.

We take this responsibility seriously and have made health and safety at events a management priority.  We expect our employees, contractors, teams, clubs, coaches and all users to take care to avoid injury to themselves sand others and to co-operate with the implementation of the Company’s health and safety arrangements.

It is the Company’s policy to complete a Health and Safety Risk assessment as a key part of its event management practices.

  1. Child Protection & Safeguarding

ICE’s priority is to ensure that the delivery of an event is done in a safe and protective manner that promotes the welfare of all children and young people and protects them from harm.

It is the responsibility of coaches and/or head of programmes to make sure that all athletes, supporters and other participants are safeguarded and taken care of at all times throughout the event.

Every coach or organization involved in ICE events must have a clear child protection policy and procedures in place.  ICE reserves the right to request copies of such policies before allowing groups and organisations to participate in events.

All coaches, programme heads or organization leads are responsible for ensuring that the satisfactory level of clearance has been given to all those representing the at the Events.  Failure to do so could lead to disqualification from the event.  The coaches and/or organisation are also responsible for ensuring that individuals are suitable to work in this environment by obtaining satisfactory references, DBS clearance and proof of qualifications.