Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! Your first competition is something you and your team will never forget, and we would be very happy to welcome you to any of our events. Feel free to get in touch for a chat if you have any questions about competing for the first time.

A limited number of solo slots are available (with certain restrictions) except at Christmas ICE Breaker. Duos are only available at Ultimate Dance Experience events. ICE Rink for solos and duos is available at all events (where available) except Championship events. Please see the Solos/Duos page for full details.

Programmes receive free coaches passes as follows;

1-15 athletes = 1 free coach pass
16-30 athletes = 2 free coach passes
31-45 athletes = 3 free coach passes
46-60 athletes – 4 free coach passes

And so on. Additional coach passes can be purchased for £15 each via your Regchamp account.

You will need to create and account, then enter via our booking system – Regchamp Login Page (

By entering your entry, you’re accepting the Terms and Conditions.

Some sessions and events sell out even before the early bird deadline. You may wish to submit your registration well in advance of any deadline. It’s not advisable to book non-refundable travel or accommodation, especially before your entry has been confirmed.

Payment is via your Regchamp account, or via BACS (details of which can be found within the Invoice additional information section. Please see the Event Registration & Payment page for details about invoicing, payments and deadlines.

You can email where a member of our team will be happy to help you.

You can make amendments and additions to your Regchamp event entry up until the Registration Closes date.

Any changes requested later than 4 weeks before an event may not be accepted, although we always do our best to help if possible. We recommend coaches contact us at the earliest opportunity if they wish to make changes, for the best chance of being accommodated.

Any additions requested later than the on-time deadline (or earlier, if the event/session is sold out) may not be accepted. ICE run waiting lists for all sold out events/sessions; please email us to be added to any waiting list.

Information about withdrawing from an event can be found in the T&Cs.

You can email where a member of our team will be happy to help you.

General Enquiries

You can email where a member of our team will be happy to help you.

ICE Extravaganza Cheer & Dance Events (including Extra Cool & ICE Championships) are run in sessions. Please see the session information for which divisions take place in which session. Adult (12+) and Child (4-11) spectators will require a ticket for each session they wish to attend. Spectators aged 3 & under are free of charge; however a ticket will still need to be added within the ticket order. There are no ‘weekend’ or ‘event’ spectator passes available; spectator tickets are sold per session. Tickets are sold directly to coaches only.

At regular ICE Ultimate Dance Experience Events we do not run sessions this season. All tickets apply to the whole day. At the Ultimate Dance Experience Championships, it may become necessary to run sessions – we will confirm.

Please see the Event Structure (Sessions) guide for session information, when available.

The ‘Extra Cool‘ events and the ICE Championships all take place on a sprung floor.

Regular ICE Extravaganza events and all Ultimate Dance Experience events take place on a non-sprung floor.

Cheer, stunt group and cheer solo divisions take place on a full size 9-panel floor. All dance divisions take place on a black vinyl dance floor, 12m wide and 12.5m front to back.

Our 2-day events do not have onsite accommodation. However, we always book venues which have hotels nearby. Please note we do not recommend booking non-refundable travel or accommodation, especially before your entry has been confirmed.

Rules & Scoring

Rules for ICE Extravaganza events are available here and rules for Ultimate Dance Experience events are available here. For guidance, coaches entering an ICE event can email where a member of our team will be happy to help you. More information is available here. Please get in touch at least 10 working days before the event you’re competing at (or at least 10 working days before the date you require a response) as we receive a lot of queries at peak times.

For all Cheer & Dance events (including ExtravaganzaExtra Cool, & ICE Championships) crossovers are permitted as per the restrictions in the SportCheer UK Age Grid. Please see the Divisions, Crossovers & Time Limits Page for full information. Crossovers do not apply to Stunt Groups and Solo’s.

At Ultimate Dance Experience events, a novice team must consist of at least 50% participants who are not crossing over into a standard team of the same dance style.

At ALL events, an athlete can compete in no more than 6 routines in total (inclusive of cheer, dance, stunt group and solos/duos where available). An athlete may not compete against themselves (i.e., they cannot compete more than one routine in the same division).

This is dependent on the division you enter. For all Cheer & Dance events (including Extravaganza, Extra Cool & ICE Championships), team sizes are as per the SportCheer UK Age Grid. For Level 0, team sizes are as per the Level 0 Age Grid (note the minimum team size for Level 0 Cheer is 6).

For Ultimate Dance Experience events, team size is 4+ dancers. More information is available here.

For all Cheer & Dance events (including Extravaganza, Extra Cool & ICE Championships), routine time limits for the 2021-2022 season are available here. Level 0 Cheer should not exceed 2:00. All other time limits are as per the SportCheer UK Age Grid.

For Ultimate Dance Experience Events, teams are up to 2:15 and solos/duos are up to 1:15.

At ICE we will not deduct for being under minimum time. For guidance regarding time limits at ICE, coaches can contact

For ICE Extravaganza events, please see the IASF rules regarding props. For Cheer divisions, see IASF General Safety Rule number 9. For Dance divisions, see IASF Props Rule 1. For Level 0, please see the Level 0 rules specifically (Level 0 props must be pre-approved by emailing at least 4 weeks before the event you wish to compete).

For Ultimate Dance Experience events, free standing props are not allowed. Use of parts of a costume (costume elements such as a necklace, jacket, hat, poms, etc.,) are allowed and may be used and discarded. Props resembling weapons are not allowed, i.e., guns, knives, booms, etc.

If using items which may require clearing up the floor after your performance, we require advance notice. Please notify us via email to

Running Orders

Initial running orders are normally uploaded to the Regchamp system shortly after the registration closes date. (We normally announce this via our social media pages also). This can be found under the “Documents, Reports & Results” tab within the event on your account.  Information on how to request a running order change can be found under the same tab. Change requests should be made as soon as possible after the first version of the running order is released. ICE will endeavour to accommodate reasonable requirements where possible.

Every effort is made to create a running order based on order of registration and team crossovers. Sometimes this is not possible due to various logistical reasons but we do make significant effort. Performance order remains at the sole discretion of ICE.

We work hard to avoid scheduling this where possible. However, for coaches with a large number of routines and/or crossovers, it may not be possible, and we’d recommend planning to attend with multiple coaches so you can manage more than one warm up cycle at the same time. To help avoid scheduling conflicts, we may organise for you to take two routines through warm up at the same time.

If you have any coaches who are also athletes, please notify at least 4 weeks before the event, so that ICE can attempt to avoid scheduling conflicts for them. We are far more likely to be able to assist if we are notified before the initial running order is issued.

Yes, wristbands are sent out prior to the event at a cost of £9. This option should be selected in the shopping cart on your Regchamp account, when ordering spectator tickets.

Please note you are responsible for wristbands and any lost or misplaced wristband will need to be repurchased.

Programmes receive 1 free coach wristband for up to every 15 competitors entered. If you require additional passes they can be purchased for £15 (while stocks last) which will give coaches access to the whole event as well as access to Coaches Corner. Additional coach tickets can be ordered via the Event Roster tab within the event on your Regchamp account.

A child spectator ticket is for children between the ages of 4-11. Spectators aged 3 & under are free of charge. Spectators aged 12+ require an adult spectator ticket.

Athletes are able to access the whole event . Athletes should keep their wristband on for the whole event. If your wristband breaks during an event, you may take it to be replaced at registration.

Spectator tickets are sold via coaches/teachers only. We recommend coaches order all spectator tickets at the time of registration, to avoid disappointment. Tickets can be purchased via the Shopping Cart tab, within the event on your Regchamp account.

Coaches can also add additional spectator tickets to their order later, subject to availability and at the appropriate price point. Advance orders close around 2 weeks before each event (or sooner, if the session/event sells out). On the day of the event, coaches will be able to purchase any remaining spectator tickets on the door while stocks last, at the “on the door” price. Pricing for tickets, including spectator tickets purchased by coaches on the door, is available here.

Any lost wristbands will need to be repurchased, however, if your wristband comes off you may take it to be replaced at registration.

At Events & Competitions

The ICE Rink is a knockout-style cheer/dance tournament, which athletes can enter on the day of the event for £5. There’s more information about ICE Rink here (scroll down).

For all dance divisions, there’s a 6-panel black vinyl dance floor, 12m wide and 12.5m front to back.
For all cheer divisions, there’s a full size 9-panel flex roll floor, 16.4m wide and 12.8m front to back.
Floors are non-sprung, except at Extra Cool & ICE Championships where they are sprung.

Please bring your music on smartphone, tablet or laptop. We recommend having each team’s music saved on at least two devices, such as a phone, laptop or tablet.

Yes, seating is for spectators & coaches only and is allocated upon arrival by our floor manager. Athletes are not allocated seats.

The running order will state what time each team should report to warm up and their allocated times at each warm up station. Times and stations will depend on the event and division entered.

That’s entirely up to you. Places to get changed will be provided (further information will be issued in the ‘coach information pack’ which is distributed a week or two before each event).

Yes, outstanding competition images are produced by JPAD Media They work closely with us at ICE to produce high quality, affordable images to let you remember the day. Team photos, individual images and on floor pictures are available to view & purchase online through the event gallery. For further information please contact JPAD direct using the following email:

We do not allow photography around JPAD, and we do not allow you to use their backdrop for personal use.

At ICE, we allow you to take photos and record your own teams from phone or tablet cameras. If your team is seen recording other teams without their permission, you or your spectator/s may be asked to leave the event. We do not allow the use of DSLR/SLR cameras, professional style cameras, or video recorders.

Following a routine, individual score sheets are sent to the coach listed on the Regchamp account. Overall rankings are updated via the Regchamp accounts in the week following each event.

Any coach with an infraction that they wish to discuss may approach the judges table during the same session. Please see the Legality Notifications at Events page for full information. Note the ICE scoring team will not change any legalities or deductions or scores after each session.

Yes, you can leave and re-enter the venue during the sessions/days you have tickets for, as long as you show your wristband. Wristbands must be worn at all times.

ICE do not currently publish scores. Printed results are available for coaches to look at for their own personal use at the end of each session/day.